John Kriney’s first book, the 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan, delivers a straightforward system that hasn’t changed since it dropped in May of 2014.  Just as relevant today with off-page SEO planning as it was back then, it’s still helping outsmart, outplay, and outrank the competition in search results.

Part 6 of the 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan is to calculate.  This means that any successful campaign needs to have all data in one place.     

Creating this space allows the entire team to have access to the SEO plan.  Now everyone involved can easily find documents, files, images, business information, site analytics, user data, calls, form fills, online sales, and anything else that may be needed to facilitate cooperation.

OptFirst created an online 8-Step file that has since been integrated into our CampaignDash platform, making the SEO campaign visible to the whole team in one main dashboard.  Using a shared workspace with rankings, traffic, site, and user data visible to the whole team in real-time, CampaignDash offers something all businesses should demand from their SEO company to get the most from the collaborative effort. 

Is everyone on your team calculating the same site data?