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8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan, Step 5: Differentiate

John Kriney’s first book, the 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan, delivers a straightforward system that hasn’t changed since it dropped in May of 2014.  Just as relevant today with off-page SEO planning as it was back then, it’s still helping outsmart, outplay, and outrank the competition in search results.

Step 5 of the 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan is to differentiate.  Make your content original by stepping out of the box. Create unique content, links, mentions, and shares that will differentiate a website from their competition.

The key is content and news that is worth publishing based on your business’ industry. Develop legitimate, unique, and newsworthy content. Then make sure that it is indexable – that it’s submitted to the proper outlets and thoroughly followed up.

Sometimes it takes personal calls and emails to real people to get content publicized. Make the differentiated site content irresistible to your target audience and more often than not this strategy will work. 

Is your website’s content original and differentiated?