8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan, Step 3: Originate

John Kriney’s first book, the 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan, delivers a straightforward system that hasn’t changed since it dropped in May of 2014.  Just as relevant today with off-page SEO planning as it was back then, it’s still helping outsmart, outplay, and outrank the competition in search results.

Step 3 of the 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan is to originate.  We attribute a lot of Optifrst’s success to what we call the First List. From the very beginning, OptFirst had success bringing clients the results they desired simply because we verify their accounts on high-traffic sites like FB, Yelp, Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn, etc. 

Doing this helps keep up with online competition and even outrank them in the future. No search engine will consider a website for top ranking if it isn’t well represented on popular sites.

So OptFirst developed the First List, a catalog of current top social networks, websites, and local directories relevant for verifying businesses/sites.  The First List also includes upward-trending sites, new social networks, apps, and is regularly updated to stay current with all online trends. 

Not all businesses need to be verified on everything, so we recommend making a personalized intuitive list by researching which sites hold the highest relevance to your website’s specific industry. 

They should be reviewed to see if their version of the First List makes sense before it’s applied. For example, does a law firm need a Snapchat account? Unlikely. Does a real estate firm need a Zillow or a Trulia account? Absolutely.

Can you think of a few sites perfect for your First List?