8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan, Step 1: Migrate

The 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan plan was the basis of John Kriney’s first book, the 8 Step SEO Plan, released in May of 2014. The steps have not changed – they’re just as relevant today with off-page SEO planning as they were then – still helping to outsmart, outplay, and outrank the competition in search results. 

Step 1 of John’s classic 8-Step Off-Page SEO Plan is to migrate all your data and website access into one unified account.   To attain full online marketing potential, you must keep all your data in one place it can view and manage.

Preferably under one easily accessible account that allows everyone with proper access to see the site’s traffic accurately at any time. More often than not, our clients have allowed their webmasters to limit access to their own accounts.  This makes it simple for the webmaster to provide clients with doctored and misleading reports.  

OptFirst has reviewed several reports from other SEO companies.  They are filled with inflated traffic numbers and underreported campaign data. The easiest way to keep tabs while maintaining control is to move the data into a single master Google account that is owned by the business owner and accessible to the entire marketing team. This movement is what we refer to as migrating to a master account.

How much control do you have over your business’s website?