8-Point On-Page SEO Plan, Step 8: Max Out Mobile

We’re rounding the final corner of John Kriney’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan, the digestible, easy to follow website optimization outline for beginners.  Having touched on everything from technical SEO to content creation, this proven method delivers all the tools needed to improve a website’s Google ranking – and how to use them.

On Step 8 – the finale to John’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan –  we circle back around to mobile phone user experience.  It’s critical to remember that layout and media placement on mobile and desktop versions of your site mirror each other not just in aesthetics but function, too.  

This will determine how well both the mobile and desktop sites rank in search results.

Create mobile pages built for conversions that match desktop and mobile adaptations and vice versa.  These must align to show up on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  

To max out mobile conversions it’s vital you test mobile site changes. 

This can involve running A/B tests in an attempt to create the maximum conversions for the site. 

Just Google your site on your PC as you run through it on your smartphone.

Does the desktop version of the site you’re optimizing mirror the mobile version?