8-Point On-Page SEO Plan, Step 7: Tag Check

As we’ve established, John Kriney’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan is a proven, easy to follow website optimization blueprint for beginners. Touching on everything from technical SEO to content creation, John delivers tools and tips anyone can use to improve their website’s Google ranking.

On Step 7 of the 8-point On-Page SEO Plan, we’ll dig into the minutia. 

Check your site’s meta tags, titles, and descriptions.  If tags aren’t set up properly, search engines can’t link up with your content as desired.  This is critical for digital connections. 

Make sure your Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Tag, etc., are set up and firing as desired.

Sounds tricky, right?  


A few simple Google Chrome extensions to manage site tagging are Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel Extensions.

As we said, it’s not that serious – we’ll back you up.

How tagged up are your pages?