8-Point On-Page SEO Plan, Step 6: On-Page Performance

If you’ve been following our updates on John Kriney’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan, you’re already a little familiar with this candid behind the scenes look at search engine optimization.

Covering the basics of everything from technical SEO to content creation, John provides simple tips and tools anyone can use to improve their website’s Google ranking.

Step 6 of OptFirst’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan is On-Page Performance.  This goes back to basic user experience. Google Ads and Analytics measure what actions are successful on a site.  But what about those which are not?

Google Analytics just doesn’t measure those. It doesn’t display actions that didn’t lead to clicks to another page or resources that allow for capitalization. 

Like, when a consumer clicks on an inactive phone link or a graphic that should lead to interactive data – but do not.  

Google drops the ball hard on these missed opportunities.

To subvert this deficiency and pick up Google’s fumble, heat-mapping is a great tool that identifies these slips and picks them up. 

Heat-mapping data from software like Crazy Egg can be used for website fixes and improvements, leading to opportunities that maximize conversions.

Are all the hot links on your site interactive?