8-Point On-Page SEO Plan, Step 5: 24/7

As we hit the corner on the last half of John Kriney’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan – the easy to use website optimization method for beginners – we begin to focus on maintenance.

Checking that your website is always up and running smoothly – every 15 minutes – is critical. 


Unless you plan on pulling up your website every 15 minutes, OptFirst recommends having a system that checks the site state every quarter-hour to ensure it’s online.  If you’re OCD like John and the rest of The OptFirst Ninja Squad, this might be an option for you, but that doesn’t fit everyone’s business model.

As discussed earlier, Pingability has many uses, one being scanning your site every 15 to alert you immediately if it goes down or is hacked. 

But that isn’t all.  One story we hear a lot from OptFitst’s clients is that their old internet marketing company failed to monitor their site’s desktop version, mobile version, and SEO updates… all of it. To guarantee we know if a client’s site is down, has been hacked, has lost speed, and more – all while monitoring its user experience – OptFirst has created our very own observation platform called Site Sensei.

Just an example of OptFIrst’s cutting-edge app development techniques, SiteSensai will send the appropriate party a notification VIA email immediately, alerting whomever it concerns when any site changes occur.

Oh, and SIteSensai also submits a daily report benchmarking all daily status activity.

So – how would you say your website monitoring stacks up?