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8-Point On-Page SEO Plan, Step 2: Mobile Musts

If you’ve been following us, you know John Kriney’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan is a proven, easy to follow website optimization method for beginners.  Covering the basics of technical SEO, content creation, and everything in between, John provides simple tips and tools anyone can use to improve their website’s Google rankings.

Step 2 of John’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan involves taking care of mobile musts.  More and more users are using their phones instead of computers to search online. This is one reason why Google has shifted to using your website’s mobile version as its main idex source. With that in mind, mobile performance must be your main priority.

Thankfully, Google Search Console provides tools to measure and optimize your site’s mobile performance. First, the Core Website Vitals section gauges a site’s speed and locates where code can be optimized to run faster, enabling more efficient mobile usability.

The adjustment suggestions can be corrected by your web team or, if you can code in your website’s language, you can fix the required changes yourself. Second, the mobile usability section of Search Console will scan your website for graphics, content and other elements that are not optimally rendering on your mobile website.