8-Point On-Page SEO Plan, Step 1: Index

John Kriney’s 8-point On-Page SEO Plan is a proven, easy to follow website optimization map for beginners.

Covering the basics of everything from technical SEO to content creation, John provides simple tips and tools anyone can use to improve their website’s Google rankings.

Step 1 in the 8-point On-Page SEO Plan is indexing. To make sure your website is properly indexed, first verify the domain in Google Search Console.

After submitting your website, the search console will populate any indexing issues, such as: “no follows,” “no index,” “canonical tags,” “404 errors,” and “blocked resources” on a site.

Verifying properly also allows you to check that the “robots.txt” and “sitemaps” are properly set and submitted.

Once the site is verified and indexed, examine the rich cards and structured data so you can test how the web pages will show in search results.

If needed, optimize and follow through on any recommendations made by Google – just forward them to your development team.