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5 Common Errors In Websites.  Vol I

In the path of building a website, several mistakes can be made. Whether the developer is a newbie, or has experience, you should always check that your website is clean from these most common mistakes. These mistakes can not only affect the functionality of the website, but also can cause economic losses if they are not corrected in time!

  1. Image Optimization – When images aren’t properly optimized, it could end up slowing your page down. Users typically wait up to 3 seconds before leaving the website.
  1. W3C Validation –  This is used to check the errors occurring in the website code such as formatting and readability. Many people ignore these errors but they end up impacting decreasing your SEO ranking.
  1. No/Poor Structured Data – The better structured a site is, more relevant web traffic and leads it will bring. Unstructured data has no format or organization which causes it to be more difficult to collect, process, and analyze data.
  1. No Responsive Design – Responsive design gives users optimum experience while they explore your website by automatically scaling its content and elements to match the screen size on which it is viewed. Mobile users will bounce from your non-responsive site to your competitor’s faster than a hot knife goes through butter. 
  1. Generic 404 Error Page –  When a page cannot be found on the web server, it will give you a 404 error page. There are generic 404 pages and custom 404 pages. The advantage of the custom 404 pages is that it reduces the user frustration, can be useful for branding, and even can be used to generate leads.

Make sure that you update your website so that it does not have any of the mistakes mentioned above! 

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