What is a Sales Funnel

What is a Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a marketing concept, which describes the process a customer goes through when making a purchase. The funnel is used to metaphorically portray the number of potential customers at the beginning of the funnel versus the end of the funnel where only a percentage will become your returning clients.

Companies normally use the sales funnel concept in order to attract new customers who have not heard of their products and services.

Before using the sales funnel, you have to develop a custom marketing strategy, define your audience and establish the vision of your business.

Below are the four main parts of the AIDA model:

When a potential customer comes across your website for the first time they will learn about the products or services that your company can offer them.

When a potential customer interacts with your content they are expressing an interest in your product or service.

The use of advertising is vital at this stage, when clients are making decisions, they want to know all the information about the options they have. This is when you can try to negotiate prices or offer them additional services.

The interested client officially becomes your client, once they purchase your product or service.

It is important to emphasize that within a marketing strategy, additional steps can be added in order to establish a permanent relationship with the new client.

10 Keys to Success with Instagram’s Algorithm: Key 5 Microblogging

10 Keys to Success with Instagram’s Algorithm: Key 5 Microblogging

Microblogging is the process of writing Instagram captions as if they were a small blog. This is a powerful tool because it will give content with value to your followers as well as strengthen your Instagram feed as a sales channel.

In fact, you don’t need to be a professional writer to start microblogging your posts. You also do not need to microblog for every single one of your posts. What matters is that you select a topic related to your company and then add your personal touch to give your followers a sincere and genuine text that can be useful for them.

We recommend that you microblog at least three times a week. You have up to a maximum of 2,200 characters. This allows you to tell stories, give recommendations, recipes, describe products and services. You can even insert specific links related to your site

We recommend this microblogging structure:

Make sure your header catches the user’s attention.

Call To Action.
Add a short call to action that relates to your post.

Short story with value.

Final though and with final call to action.

Microblogging will help you to gain more engagement resulting in boosting your content, therefore, increasing user’s time on your page. And as we’ve said before, the more time users spend on your IG profile, the more Instagram’s Algorithm is going to favor you.

Instagram Design Trends 2020

Instagram Design Trends 2020

Instagram aesthetic trends are constantly evolving. Staying on top of these changes can be challenging, but being consistently on trend can boost both your follower count and reach.

This is especially true if you are using Instagram for your business. Being aware of these trends will help make your business’s feed more attractive to users which encourages engagement, turning it into a marketing tool.

Here are the top five design trends in this month for businesses on Instagram:


Using a series of connected images to tell a story or promote a product selection is nothing new, but over the past couple of months the Carousel Instagram tool has grown significantly.

Natural Photos

The natural aesthetic trend promotes sharing photos that looks unedited.  It gives the image a natural look without much color saturation. This trend is largely showcased in lifestyle accounts and for product images.

Long Captions

Long captions are allowing companies to communicate with their followers and clients in a more sincere and open way. But not any content will do! It’s not about writing filler text, it’s about really connecting with people.

Text in Images

Whether it’s a funny comment, a meme, or an inspirational phrase – including pointed text within a well designed graphic can allow a user to connect more with your brand’s tone and messaging.


Posts around the world are becoming more fun and personal with doodles. Apart from embellishing the design of your post, it allows you to express your creativity with unique and personal designs.

Have you seen some other Instagram trends?

5 Common Errors In Websites. Vol I

5 Common Errors In Websites.  Vol I

In the path of building a website, several mistakes can be made. Whether the developer is a newbie, or has experience, you should always check that your website is clean from these most common mistakes. These mistakes can not only affect the functionality of the website, but also can cause economic losses if they are not corrected in time!

  1. Image Optimization – When images aren’t properly optimized, it could end up slowing your page down. Users typically wait up to 3 seconds before leaving the website.
  1. W3C Validation –  This is used to check the errors occurring in the website code such as formatting and readability. Many people ignore these errors but they end up impacting decreasing your SEO ranking.
  1. No/Poor Structured Data – The better structured a site is, more relevant web traffic and leads it will bring. Unstructured data has no format or organization which causes it to be more difficult to collect, process, and analyze data.
  1. No Responsive Design – Responsive design gives users optimum experience while they explore your website by automatically scaling its content and elements to match the screen size on which it is viewed. Mobile users will bounce from your non-responsive site to your competitor’s faster than a hot knife goes through butter. 
  1. Generic 404 Error Page –  When a page cannot be found on the web server, it will give you a 404 error page. There are generic 404 pages and custom 404 pages. The advantage of the custom 404 pages is that it reduces the user frustration, can be useful for branding, and even can be used to generate leads.

Make sure that you update your website so that it does not have any of the mistakes mentioned above! 

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How COVID-19 is Changing the Game on Marketing Strategies

How COVID-19 is Changing the Game on Marketing Strategies

Over the past few months the use of social media platforms, streaming services and online gaming platforms have increased worldwide. The increase in users has led to a direct increase in marketing spend within these arenas.

Global marketing has been adapting to this trend, prioritizing digital advertising now that users are spending more time at home and on their computers and phones. While other advertising mediums are seeing a decrease in consumption, digital marketing continues to stand.

The pandemic has caused marketers to refocus their campaigns and change their message. The data show that more than 70% of marketing strategies have had to be modified, mostly to prioritize digital mediums, and more than 50% are changing the message to emphasize that the company is still standing and ready for business.

Right now, statistics show that digital marketing will continue to grow in the near future and the actual trends of online marketing and e-commerce shopping will double in importance as a sales channel in the long term.

What is your marketing strategy in these times?

Got a minute?

Got a minute?

These are three of the most repeated words in the business world.

Everybody wants to make more money, but nobody thinks about more time. But if you think about it you can make money using your time, but you are never gonna be able to buy more time with money.

Time is precious.

It all comes down to balance. Without money, it’s gonna be hard to make any productive investment with your time, and without time you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your money. The trick is trying to make enough money without sacrificing your personal time.

When someone tells you that they need a minute, this could end up taking more than 20 -30 minutes. This can be very productive, For example, discussing the events of the week, the meeting will allow you to organize your calendar more effectively.

On the other hand, when this happens, it can also consume valuable time that was not meant to be used for that purpose. You need to show your partners and colleagues that you respect their time so that they can respect yours.

Balancing time is not an easy task, but you can start by organizing your time, setting boundaries and ground rules for yourself, working hard when necessary so you can enjoy your free time and find the balance in your schedule.