5 Top Local Search Factors

As the head of a leading internet marketing firm, I’m asked what the top criteria are that determine first page map results. In the past I found four top criteria in search engines determining local rankings:

  1. Business Name – The importance of this increases exponentially as the business has multiple locations and can now be managed in the Google multiple business manager.
  2. Business Address – Verification of the business address, per location, primarily happens via ‘snail mail’ or a telephone call-in pin for locations that previously exist in the listing directories system (usually because they scraped the information from a ‘higher up’ directory).
  3. Business Phone number – Call-in pins are common to verify listed phone numbers.
  4. Website URL – It is important to have a unique URL for every unique listing. I often see businesses get ‘sloppy’ and try to use their homepage for 3 different locations. The extra step to create a unique ‘homepage’ for each location is imperative in order to compete with the competition in the local map market.
  5. Google Plus for Business page – This is a new item I’ve added over the last few years. It’s not enough just to use the first 4 pieces of information to PROMOTE a G+ business page, but rather the creation, syncing and promotion of the page individually that determines overall success in

Google Maps results.

Bonus verification – Business email, ie @optfirst, is often not only used to verify the domain but the existence of a real business owner and identity.

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Tired of having lots of traffic to your website and have no leads or online sales?

This is a common issue that our OptFirst clients have before hiring us. Just because a website has a lot of traffic  doesnt mean that it will have lots of sales or leads. The process of getting a website to perform well so that it delivers customers and clients is a unique science. It could be better described as an art backed up by science and tested data.

Miami Website Conversion Optimization Company

To know how website visitors use a website and what they expect is the starting point of optimizing a website for conversion. Here are a few items that our clients tend to have before using our SEO and

Conversion Optimization Plan:

  • Placement of conversion forms
  • Banner placement
  • Product pacement
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Value offers
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Click to call functionality

OptFirst Analysis that Fix Issues and Optimize Sales:

  • Website Traffic Review
  • Heatmapping User Mouse and Eye Movement
  • Tracking Click to Calls
  • Lead Form Analysis

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