10 T’s to Run Top Paid Social Campaigns

Everyone needs to have a plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. It’s important to have a plan in order to make sure your plan is successful. That’s why we created the 10 T’s to run top paid social ads.

The first T is Think. Brainstorming campaign plans and goals is a great way to develop ideas and envision what a successful campaign looks like.

Make sure you first evaluate what your campaign’s goals are. For example, are you trying to build a brand or raise product awareness by using phone calls, form leads, and online sales?

After deciding on the goal, add an exact number. If the goal is to get more phone calls, determine the number of target calls based on that spend. For example, the campaign spent $2K per month and the phone call goal is 300 calls. 

This will benchmark the campaign goals which will be useful later on. 

Are you setting up goals and benchmarks to measure your campaign’s success?