10 T’s to Run Top Paid Social Campaigns, Step 5: Tracking 

So how are you going to know if these steps are providing the right results? You have to know how things are responding, which is why tracking is step 5 in OptFIrst’s 10 T’s to Run Top Paid Social Campaigns.

Ensure that all tracking programs are set up and working at the beginning of the campaign then test them to see if they’re reporting properly. This will be critical when it comes to planning your future steps.

Once live, make sure that all of the data is shown in the social platform reporting, the client customer relations management program, and your campaign dashboard. 

Now, everyone can keep an eye on all the progress and develop strategies for improvement.

Listen to your team and consider how you can sharpen targeting and tailoring based on this tracking.  Keep close tabs on this regularly to be privy to any new trends and changes in your marketing.

Are you and your team hot on the trail?