10 T’s to Run Top Paid Social Campaigns, Step 3: Targeting

One of the most important factors involved in planning is understanding the playing field and the players.  This takes us to targeting the third OptFirst’s 10 T’s to Run Top Paid Social Campaigns.

Research your business’s demographics to evaluate what those who use your products and services have in common. Examine past and current customers or clients to pinpoint the things they have in common and start targeting future ones. 

Once a common thread is discovered, creating a target audience in the social platform’s ad creation interface is a breeze. If done resourcefully, multiple common threads can be identified. 

When compared to campaigns with broader, untailored target audiences, we’ve seen an exponentially higher ROI when this strategy is applied. 

Precise audience targeting is the backbone of any profitable social media campaign. 

Do you know where to aim your social media campaign?