10 T’s to Run Top Paid Social Campaigns, Step 2: Technology

Another factor to consider when planning social marketing is which social media platforms will bring the most ROI – making technology the second in OptFirst’s 10 T’s to Run Top Paid Social Campaigns.

What we mean by this to review the potential social platforms you plan to use for advertising, then choose the ones that best suit your campaign.  Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube, each has its pros and cons that could work for one business while being useless to another.  

For example, a law firm probably won’t have the most exciting Instagram page, whereas a LinkedIn profile is not necessarily helpful to an online boutique of designer clothing.  

Evaluate your business’s strengths and weaknesses, then, determine which social media platforms are the most conducive to your goals. Remember, this isn’t about which platform you like or think is trendy, it’s about which will push your social campaign furthest. 

Once your decision is made, start crafting messages and media that correlate with that platform. 

What social media platforms do you think have the biggest impact on your target audience?