10 Keys to Success with Instagram’s Algorithm: Key 5 Microblogging

Microblogging is the process of writing Instagram captions as if they were a small blog. This is a powerful tool because it will give content with value to your followers as well as strengthen your Instagram feed as a sales channel.

In fact, you don’t need to be a professional writer to start microblogging your posts. You also do not need to microblog for every single one of your posts. What matters is that you select a topic related to your company and then add your personal touch to give your followers a sincere and genuine text that can be useful for them.

We recommend that you microblog at least three times a week. You have up to a maximum of 2,200 characters. This allows you to tell stories, give recommendations, recipes, describe products and services. You can even insert specific links related to your site

We recommend this microblogging structure:

Make sure your header catches the user’s attention.

Call To Action.
Add a short call to action that relates to your post.

Short story with value.

Final though and with final call to action.

Microblogging will help you to gain more engagement resulting in boosting your content, therefore, increasing user’s time on your page. And as we’ve said before, the more time users spend on your IG profile, the more Instagram’s Algorithm is going to favor you.