10 Keys to Success with Instagram’s Algorithm. Key 3 Content

One of the coolest things about Instagram is that it shows you the stuff you “like.”

Have you ever noticed that when you interact positively with a post you see a lot more similar content? Instagram’s algorithms take into account the actions of every single user – logging how much time they spend on a post as well as how they engage – to aggregate similar content.

These Instagram traits determine the order of news-feeds while filtering out poor content, creating a specialized experience for every individual user based on their personal preferences.

So how can you harness the power of Instagram’s algorithm?

Create engaging content

Here are a few things to consider when creating engaging content:

Any time you post something, make sure that it’s valuable information worth sharing. Nobody likes spam content and posts that are ignored lower you social media standing

Make your posts entertaining! Try to inject as much information in your posts as you can, but always make sure that they incorporate some sort of interactive engagement to grow your audience

Your posts must have aesthetic appeal. Even if you’re offering just what they need, people will ignore unattractive posts.

Try to keep your content as short as possible, because most people don’t want to read articles on Instagram. if you have a large topic, it’s a good idea to split it into parts.

Are you creating content with true value?