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10 Keys to Success with Instagram’s algorithm Key 2. Consistency

Legend has it that millennials can’t go more than 5 hours without checking Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and these platforms love having an audience.

That’s why they incorporate basic human psychology when creating their algorithms. They’ve made use of primal instincts that pump serotonin into the brain for marketing purposes.

Human habits like routines and the innate desire to be “liked” make the constant flow of original content the “bread and butter” of social media.

This makes generating content consistently one of the keys to success with Instagram’s algorithm.

Old posts get buried in time while fresh, engaging, updates produce relevant material that prompts interaction.

This gives the content more relevancy, directing it toward other users who may be interested, feeding the social media machine.

Commit to a specific time and day for Instagram posts and be consistent. You’ll see the effects of the algorithm as it memorizes your schedule soon enough.

Is your business harnessing the power of consistency on Instagram’s algorithm?